Windsor T. Gorilla is one of the main characters from the Cartoon Network animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey. He is a dispassionate, but thoughtful and wise lowland gorilla, Quaternary member of the pack, and main companion of Slips Python. He always speaks in a deadpan, monotonous tone and almost never expresses any emotions or changes in mood. He is the voice of reason to the group and often dispenses wisdom for them.

As one of the show's main characters, Windsor appears in "Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas", where he instinctively celebrates Animas, like the other animals. He'd complain about how Animas has become very commercialized and notes it's subjection to an outlet for corporate companies to sell material products. Windsor disapproves of this and wishes Animas would be more about the spirit it was originally founded on. Lupe strongly disagrees with him on this, claiming that Animas is much better when driven by marketing, and taking pleasure in people buying her stuff. The two of them have a lot of back and forth about the true meaning of Animas. At one point in the episode, Adam turns to him for advice on how to harness his inner animal instincts. Windsor, though feeling somewhat against doing so, since it technically goes against the rules of him figuring it out himself, decides to show him how to do it. Windsor suddenly unleashes this gigantic gorilla roar throughout the lunchroom, which blows everyone away and causes a ton of destruction, later making Adam run away, screaming and crying to his mommy. Windsor laughs at this in his usual stoic manner. At the end of the episode, the animals gather together for a feast. Windsor calls attention to himself, so that he can make a speech. When he does, he claims that over the past 5 days, he's learned a lesson about Animas. Originally, he thought that the spirit of Animas was gone, thanks to marketing companies, but has now learned that the hacks behind these companies, just have the spirit in themselves to sell these products. Windsor has become a changed man, and Lupe on the other hand, has remained static and simply agrees with everything he said, and taking it to a greater extent.

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