"Winter Thunderland" is the Christmas episode of the Nickelodeon original series The Thundermans, produced as the fifteenth episode of the show's second season. It premiered on November 29, 2014, alongside the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn episode "Santa's Little Harpers" and the AwesomenessTV episode "The Thank You Mask".


It's the week before Christmas at the Thunderman family's house and everyone is excited about it - except Max. Early in the morning, Phoebe puts up decorations in the house. Nora is worried that she might not get a white Christmas this year because weather forecasts show no snow. Phoebe comes up with a Secret Santa plan where everyone picks a random name for someone to buy a gift for. But they all announce who they got. Billy gets himself. Max gets Nora and scares her that she's going down! she worries that he will get her a terrible gift and wishes someone would switch her.

On Christmas Eve, Max tells Dr. Colosso that he will give Nora the worst gift ever. He puts cottage cheese in a box for her "white Christmas" gift. He puts on a mistletoe on his head to trick Barb into kissing him. But when she discovers hiss plan, she hits him in the mouth with an Electriss energy bolt. Hank brings home a huge block of ice to give Nora's wish for a white Christmas tradition. He flies through the ceiling to put the ice block up in the clouds. Nora is disappointed but grateful to him for trying.

Down in Max's lair, Max finds that Phoebe has put up Christmas decorations. He takes them down and asks her to stay out of there. But she sweetly wishes him a Merry Christmas Eve as they go to sleep. To drown the Christmas spirit, Max puts on "soothing" sounds of crashing traffic and jumps into bed. He is woken up by "Phoebe" in a weird valley-girl accent and outfit. He screams out for Hank and Barb, saying that she has finally snapped. But she tells her that she is not Phoebe! She's the Spirit of Christmas Past.

The Spirit sits on Max's bed and tells him that she's come to show him that all of his plans to ruin Christmas in the past have failed. He makes fun of her uncool outfit. She zaps him back into the past. They stand and watch the events. Max recognizes that is their old house in Metroburg. It is his and Phoebe's first Christmas. They're just about to learn how to speak. Barb says Merry Christmas to him but he barfs on her, saying "Barf!" as his first word. She mistakes this for "Barb" and therefore celebrates that his first word was her name. This is the best Christmas ever! So his evil barf meant to ruin Christmas fails.

Max refuses to admit that he didn't ruin Christmas. So the Spirit takes him to their last Christmas in Metroburg. During that one, he gives everyone lumps of coal. Everyone is disappointed but then Hank puts all the lumps together and presses them with his Thunder super-strength until he turns them into diamonds. He tells them that selling the diamonds would make enough money for them to finally retire and move to a suburban area like Hiddenville.

After the Spirit convinces Max that all his bad gifts turned into good ones, he concludes that the best solution is to not give Nora a gift at all. He slaps himself until he wakes up from the dream. He tells Dr. Colosso that he dreamed about giving Nora a bad gift. So now he won't give her one at all. He goes and removes the cottage cheese from her box. He puts on "soothing" sounds of explosions and goes back to bed.

Max is woken up again by another "Phoebe". This time, she is the Spirit of Christmas Present. She zaps him to the morning of that Christmas day where Nora opens her gift from him only to find that it's empty. She cries and runs out saying Christmas is ruined because first there's no snow and then she didn't get a gift. Max seems concerned and when he wakes up he tells Dr. Colosso about it.

Max wonders why someone would ruin a little girl's Christmas...when he can ruin everyone's Christmas? He runs into the kitchen, steals everyone's presents, puts them in a bag, and throws them into his lair. He then goes to back to sleep.

Next, Max is woken up by the Spirit of Christmas Future, also in the form of Phoebe. She tells him that by taking away everyone's gifts, he ruined Christmas for them and they was never the same. She takes him to the living room where he notices that Nora is missing from the family portrait. Except, in this future, everyone's dressed in evil villains' suits. Max is proud. Barb and Hank are now villains and have just come back from stealing. Max loves this future and tries to get the Spirit to do a future-bump but she tells him that the Thunder Twins' "Thunder Bump" is no longer a thing. They mind text.

Then it is time to see what became of Phoebe. She takes Max to Hiddenville High where he is impressed to have turned it evil. But the Spirit reveals that it was Phoebe who did so, renaming it the "Phoebe Thunderman Academy of Fear". She turned so evil that she rules it with an iron fist. She has students and teachers as her prisoners serving her in whatever she wants. Max is impressed that she embraced the dark side.

The Spirit then takes Max to his lair. He wonders why there is a picture of Billy on the wall. She tells him the lair belongs to Billy now because it goes to the most evil person in the family. Billy has kidnapped Santa's elves and is using them to blackmail Santa into meeting his demands. In this future, he has turned Max into a bunny and kept him in the cage the way he used to keep Dr. Colosso. He begs Billy to feed him but he tells him to shut up. He starts to worry now. Phoebe reveals that Billy only had turned Max into a bunny so that he could have someone around because he was lonely. Max wonders why he is so.

Finally, the Spirit takes Max to Nora. In this future, she moved back into the old house in Metroburg where she lives alone in a freezing temperature. She tries to light the fire with her heat vision but it fails. She lives with a bunch of dolls for each of the Thundermans. On each one, she has placed a picture of one of them to help remember them. She collects dumpster mints to eat with them. She is sad and broken. She refused to turn evil when the rest of the family did. She goes to the Max doll and gives him a special gift - a bow. She says that's the last one she has from hi. to remember him by. She forgives him for ruining Christmas. He gets emotional. Billy then super-speeds into the house and grabs the bow away from her. She starts crying. Max wonders why Billy would do that to her. But the Spirit tells him that he's the reason it all happened. He wants to change that but the Spirit tells him it's too let and zaps out. He says he can't let that happen to Nora. He starts struggling to wake up.

When Max finally wakes up, Dr. Colosso says that he will have to rethink this whole roommate situation because Max is being too loud in his dreams. Then Max kisses Dr. Colosso telling him that he becomes like him in the future. Since it's still Christmas Eve, he says there is still time to make things right. He goes to the living room, puts the decorations back up, and gets everyone their gifts.

On Christmas day, Max is the first one up, full of Christmas spirit. Everyone else thinks he's up to something. Instead they have the best Christmas ever. He gives Nora a gift that says, "Look outside!" Everyone does so and sees that it's snowing. Max tells them that he had built the machine to freeze world's water supply but he decided to use it to make snow for Nora instead. She hugs and thanks him. As everyone go outside into the snow, the Thunder Twins remain behind. Phoebe thanks Max for what he did for Nora. She wonders what finally changed his mind. "As if you don't know...Pheeba!" he replies in valley-girl accent, referencing the Spirit of Christmas Past. Shee has no clue what he is talking about.


The episode was made available on The Thundermans: Season 2 manufacture-on-demand DVD set, released on June 16, 2020.


Actor Character
Kira Kosarin Phoebe Thunderman
The Spirit of Christmas Past
The Spirit of Christmas Present
The Spirit of Christmas Future
Jack Griffo Max Thunderman
Addison Riecke Nora Thunderman
Diego Velazquez Billy Thunderman
Chris Tallman Hank Thunderman
Rosa Blasi Barb Thunderman
Dana Snyder Dr. Colosso (voice)

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