"Xmas in July" is the third Christmas episode of The Red Green Show, originally aired on CBC on January 4, 2002 (about two weeks after Christmas, oddly enough).


Red comments on how hot it is right now, but Harold arrives to wish his uncle a merry Christmas. Harold is planning the lodge's very first annual "Christmas in July" celebration to attract tourists, and he needs Red's help to get the job done. Red, however, does not take Harold's idea very seriously at first. Harold plans to be in the event dressed as an angel, but when it does not go as planned for him, he insists that there really needs to be some Christmas spirit more than ever. He succeeds in getting Dalton and Mike to join him spreading the cheer, and he finally convinces Red to help drive the Christmas float in a parade. Eventually, however, Harold is quite disgusted by how the celebration turned out. It seems that Red had turned the parade into a high-speed demolition derby. To make it up to his nephew, Red, who is in the event as Santa Claus, gives him a can of root beer. At the Lodge Meeting, Red announces that the Christmas in July event has been canceled.

Red installs a dog collar's sensor into an annoying neighbor's watch to keep him away.

Mike tries to guess the word "respect" to win a home version of the Word Game.

Red comes up with a way to dispose of a junk car when ordered by an environmental agency to clean up the property.

Success and failure.

Red, Winston and Mike discuss what to do when one discovers a wallet full of money.

Red uses a toy train to vacuum his house.

Red, Winston and Walter replace a tire swing.

Red shows a way to drive on snow and ice without using snow tires.

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