"You Can Never Find an Elf When You Need One" is a song featured in A Garfield Christmas Special, sung by Desirée Goyette and Lou Rawls. It is played during the scene where Garfield investigates and finds Odie making a present in the barn.


Lou Rawis: You can never find an elf when you need one
When you got to get that toy beneath the tree
Desirée Goyette: Yeah, when an elf is what you need his energy his speed
Both: There never seems to be one who's free

Lou: But then comes that magical moment
Desirée: So the story goes on Christmas Eve
Lou: When elves and other weirdos
Both: Think it's better to give than receive

Desirée: Yeah, you can never find an elf when you need one,
And you don't know what you're gonna do...
Lou: But if you believe the magic of Christmas Eve...
Both: Well then one finds you!

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